Kristin expected nothing more than a brief distraction from lingering feelings for her ex-husband when she took her first trip to Ghana. Then, in a slave castle on the Gulf of Guinea, she walked down the same dark and narrow passageway that countless captives had been forced to walk for centuries. She was brought face-to-face with the indisputable link between the African Diaspora in America and the Motherland. Once she was back home in the nation's capital, she found inspiration from the 'Skegee Spirit of her childhood. It urged her to reach out to descendants of those captured Africans who had lost their footing during the American slave experience. She called on her (s)heroes: Lewis Adams, Rosa Parks, and George Washington Carver, who energized her search for an effective way to guide the Black American "underbelly" out of their stagnation; the only legacy they were left by their traumatized ancestors.

Over time, the enticements of her former husband and her mysterious attachment to his daughter threatened to keep Kristin locked in her past forever. How would she ever forget the love that she and Winston shared when they were students at Tuskegee? Whenever she heard 'old school' music from the '70s it would take her back in an instant. She would remember their first date under the "wine tree" on campus, and the strength of their love in the quaint college town.

Linda Pace Samuel

After an unexpected health challenge interrupts her life, Kristin finds herself propelled toward her destiny. Without a doubt, she knew the effort required to reunite the Diaspora in America with the Motherland would equate to fitting a square peg into a round hole. It was also clear that the rewards for both sides of the ocean would be staggering. But the question was could it be done?

Was it possible for Kristin to do the impossible, and lead the way home?


A Mother for Celeste is a rich tale of African-American history - realistic fiction that invites readers to form a new opinion about racism and its origin. This sometimes-humorous saga is woven around a blended family whose lives are marred by missed opportunities, painful secrets, and a mystical love hanging in the balance.

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